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HRM and CSR Case Study

Abstract This case study is a primary data analysis of the HRM and CSR activities of the organizations of UAE and its effect on the working environment and satisfaction of the employees of the organization.The researcher...

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Design Thinking Practice

Introduction People with blindness virtually face various challenges in their daily lives.  Their visual impairment affects the every task of their daily activities. But the major problem they face is regarding looking their way on the...

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Essay on Technological Disruption

Introduction The 21st century is a time of profound technological disruptions. There are many positive consequences of these disruptions for technology along with some negative consequences too. Democratic campaigning is directly changing by digital technology. In...

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Sustainable Water Management

Introduction The global crisis has emerged due to extensive consumption of natural sources like energy, water, petroleum, and greeneries. The unrestricted consumption of natural elements has led to retarded ecological balance. The crisis of water has...

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Plastic Whale Research Report

Background Reason One of the biggest threats in the world is plastic in the water which endangers the precious life of the marine species and is affecting the overall food chain of people ultimately. Hence with...

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Political Science Assignment

Part A: Explanation of terms Complex Terrorism With technological advancement and economic innovation, it can often be noticed that rich countries across the globe have obtained unrivalled prosperity. However, there is a drawback also because these...

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Sustainability In Food Production

Introduction – SUSTAINABILITY IN FOOD PRODUCTION In the twenty-first century, the integration of sustainability with business models is a running trend and most of the multinational organisations are exploiting this idea in order to get a...

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