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Design Thinking Practice


People with blindness virtually face various challenges in their daily lives.  Their visual impairment affects the every task of their daily activities. But the major problem they face is regarding looking their way on the road when they are going alone. Our idea is to design a device for these blind people to guide them for their way on the roads. The device is watch alarm. The active sensors of this watch alarm will identify any object in front of it and will intimate the user. This watch alarm will provide Google assistance to the user and will tell him about the directions where he wants to go. One can assess the watch from their computer with the assistance of the Google Map.   In case of any major issue, the user can call his friends or guardians using this watch and they can guide him for his direction. Thus this device would be a blessing in disguise for blind people. Design Thinking Practice


We have interviewed some visually impaired people of Abu Dhabi University to ask them about their daily life problems and have decided to design this watch alarm to provide them with a solution.


The first respondents of age 35 described that he usually face problems regarding getting correct direction on the road.

The second respondents of age 42explained that many a times he met with minor accidents while going on road because of direction issues.

The third respondent of age 40replied that the major problem occurs when we are going alone and sometimes we hit with an object and our phone falls down and we cannot connect with anyone for help.

The fourth respondent of age 26 also said that many a times he got hit with some objects because of direction problems.

The fifth respondent of age 29 described that they cannot take someone with them always. Thus they need a device which can help them for guiding them on their way on the road.

All the respondents said that they are really in need of such kind of device, which can help them in getting correct direction and they are ready to pay any amount for such kind of device.

Design Thinking Practice

Data Analyses

Journey Map of the interviewed students

The interviews present that all the blind people face difficulties for getting correct direction on the road. The journey map of their problem is as follows

Journey Map

Going alone on the roadHit with an objectTheir phone falls on the groundThey are not able to get correct direction for their way

Empathy map

SAY “It’s difficult to manage alone on the road”. “There is no another option”  THINK Their daily issues have made the embarrassed. They think that they are burden on others because they have to ask for help from others again and again. 
DO They are struggling with itFEEL They feel that their visual impairment has made them embarrassed


Stand By phase A blind person hit with an object on the road  Request Phase The watch alarm request an intimation to user on an object at front  Confirm phase The alarm rings and intimates the user regarding the object in front  Service Phase Google map will provide assistance for direction and will provide calling option for guidance.  End Phase The user can reach the destination without any difficulty and can get any assistance from the guide through call.  

 Problem Definition

How might we?

  1. How might we be able to get direction on the road?
  2.  How might we be able to connect to friends or guardians in case of emergency?


The following solutions are provided on the basis of views of students taken from their interviews regarding their problems.

Solution 1

The solution to the first question is that this device “watch alarm” will provide them Google assistance. The sensors of this device will detect any object in front of it and will intimate the user through an alarm. Moreover the watch will provide correct direction to the user with the help of Google Map. The user can feed the destination spot with an audio feature in it. The watch will intimate hi regarding direction to that spot.

Solution 2

In case of emergency, the users will be able to connect to their friends or guardians. There will be an option of call through a button on this device. This device will connect the call to the individual whose number is connected with this device. He will be able to watch the location of this device on his phone and can guide the user for his direction or in any other issue.

Evidence of the brainstorm

Any object in front of himAny object in front of him
Feed destination spot using an audio optionThe watch alarm will intimate him
Watch alarm will provide correct direction for destinationIn case of any other issue at destination spot or on the wayCalling option will connect the user with the assistance

The above brainstorm gives the idea of the watch alarm and how it will be helpful for the blind students in their daily activities.


Due to their blindness, it has become difficult for them to move alone at distant places. Thus they require a device which can help them as a guide at distant places. To overcome this problem of visually impairedpeople, we have presented the idea of watch alarm which can guide them throughout their way like a human being.

All the solutions provided to tackle the problems of the blind people are effective but this idea can be more effective if it helps the people to intimate them regarding the names of famous places around them. It is possible because the device is already connected with Google Map. The next time we will add this feature so that this device can be more helpful for them.


Survey Question

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is the major problem you face in your daily life?

How you want this problem to be solved?

  • If there is a device which helps you to solve this problem, would you like to purchase it?
  • What is your budget to purchase this device?

Assignment on Design Thinking Practice by Subject Academy.

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Supply Chain Management of Hershey’s Chocolate World


Some of the important aspect of business are  operational management and supply chain. Every activity related to delivery of product in the marekting and the funcationality of organisation and supply chain is carried out through operation management. The report carries the detailed analysis related to suppy chain and operations with in Hershey’s Chocolate Company. The company was establised in 1894. Over the ears the compay has evoved in every possible way and aunched many segments and products. Hershey is an American manufacturer of food products mainly chocolate and sugar based items. For 20th century Hershey’s milk chocolate wrapped in brown and silper wrapping was one of the best known product. The company headquaters are in Hershey, Pennsyvania. (Abbady, Hessian, & Alaam, 2017)

In 1960 Hershey collaborated with Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and two pasta businesses. In order to recognise Hershey as food brand it was named as Hershey Foods cooperation in the 1968. The chocolate products are prepared by cocoa beans. As they are rich in carbohydrates they are the instant source of energy also containing small amount of stimulating alkaloids theobromine and caffeine. The chocolate are made from cocoa beans that are roasted and fermented. These kernels is used to create pasty fluid chocolate liquor, which are then transferred to molds to bake chocolate, later pressure is applied to reduce cocoa butter content and pulverized for making cocoa powder, or used as additional cocoa butter for preparing sweet chocolate. (Dubai, 2018)

This report is an elaborated analysis of operation management and supply chain management of the company with regards to its products and services. Part one of the report will cover explanation of the key products of the company. Part two of the report will discuss the competitive abilities of the organisation. Part three shows comparative analysis of the company with the help of dominance frontier and polar chart. Part four is process calculation analyses. Pat five and six will discuss the product supply chain. Last part focusses on various ways of growth of company.

2. Key products/ Services and Input-Output process

Various categories of the products are by Hershey. The company detas with both chocolate  and food products. The products of the company are grouped under various catagories such as “Hershey’s chocolate bars, Hershey’s Symphony, Almond Joy, Mounds, 100 Calorie Bar, Hershey’s Bliss, Hershey’s Drops, Miniatures, Hershey’s Pot of Gold, Kit Kat, Hershey’s, Nuggets, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Whoppers and York Peppermint Pattie”. This section of the report has focused on main products and their input process. The products are of different size and colours (Abbas, 2018). The process of input and output are as follows

Inputs: The process ofchocolate and its related product making are cocoa beans, chocolate, electricity, packaging, labour and machinery.

Process: Some of the processes are listed below.

Output: The resultant of these products are chocolate and waste products.

Key products

3. Competitive Capabilities of Hershey’s Chocolate Company

The products of Hershey’s are in different colour and size. The brand faces a lot of competition in the market. The main factor that strengthens the company are brand recognition, popularity all over the world, its affordability, wide range of variety that catches the customers’ attention. M&M is one of the popular competitors of the company that itself offer wide verity of products in chocolates. The company keeps a keen eye on its competitors and on their business strategies. The catchy taglines attract more consumers “A Little Something For Everyone” it could be said to be a good example of marketing strategy as it tries to connect to its customers thus attracts large number of customers. (Abbady, Hessian, & Alaam, 2017)

4. Comparison of the company with other companies using Polar chart and Dominance Frontier

This section of the report will compare Hershey’s with its strongest competitor M&M. By comparing both companies it has been observed that Hershey according to Knoji rating is 3.9 and M&M is 3.8. This comparative analysis is also shown by polar chart. The recognition Hershey is more in comparison to its other competitors. It is globally popular brand and offers lots of offers and discounts to the customer.  

Hershey’s marketing strategies

Hershey’s marketing strategies in order to target their prospects have always been very proficient due to which it always has a upper hand in the market. The strategies used by it are

  1. Holiday marketing– This type of marketing strategy is used to design and formulate holiday themes which includes Christmas, new year holiday themes, summer holiday themes and advertisements are made accordingly to target the potential customers which helps in bringing fresh and new concepts and creates larger impact in the customers mind. The company makes sure the advertising theme is made related to the particular holiday which helps in adding more value and makes the strategy more impactful.
  2. Micro marketing– This type of marketing strategy targets customers in small number and modifies the products according to the demand and need of the customers. This type of strategy helps in focusing on specific requirements of the customers. It also provides provisions for special events like weddings, parties and various occasions. Such specific marketing strategies helps in creating personal impact on the prospects which makes their strategies much efficient compared to the competitors.

The dominance frontier above explains the easy process that can be fooled by supply chain and operation management for smooth functioning. With this process company can be aware of specialization skill and this will result in productivity. It is observed that there are in delivery of product the model ill help in overcoming it.

5. Process Analyses Calculation

The performance measure for every organization is flow rate and time which is associated to workers and productivity within the organization. To understand and study the process analysis tabulation organization uses flow unit. This term represent every activity that occurs within the organization.(Landry, 1998). Flow unit represents the chocolate products. Flow rate is the term calculated by number of products manufactured per unit. It also represent the speed of delivery from various stages (operation department to supply chain department and to delivery).

Average flow rate is the term given to the time utilised from supply chain department to customers.

The normal rate is the term given to the streaming pace of administrations which is passed to the clients. The complete time of preparing comprises of the average some of time that is spent by the streaming units in a particular business procedure. In case of a recurrence the stream time is ascertained by the longest way (Wu & Pagell, 2011).  The excess stream units are taken care by a process ibn business termed as Stock. In an organisation the stock is ascertained by parting the rate of streaming which is isolated by the streaming time. In order to determine the utilization of conveyance of speed o administrations for the clients and the number of client handle which is undertaken by an office at a particular period of time. In order to increase the profits for their client organization, the streaming units are expanded throughout, which in turns reduces the costs and enhances the conveyance speed of the products of the client. (Zuckerman, 2002).

The client which are identified by the administrations of the organisations are consulted and asked to provide their inputs and feedback in order to uplift and improve the administrations eventually in future. Getting a boost from this the organisation is motivated to increase the conveyance speed of the administrations provided to the client. This is done with the help of the inputs and feedbacks provided by the clients who clearly state and provide their feedback from time to time about their conveyance speed requirements, in turn leading to better conveyance speed performance.

6. The supply chain of a product and risks related to supply chain

This section of the report discusses the process of supply chain adopted by Hershey’s. Hershey’s supply chain process has different components in order to provide mobility to the different products which the company produces. Hershey’s abides by the phrase, “Customer is the King” as their supply chain process begins with its customers’ requirements and ends with fulfilling all the demands made by these customers.

Customer: A customer may be termed as an individual/ organisation which may purchase a particular product for consumption or further selling. The process starts once the customer likes a product at a retail store or on online portal and places an order for one or more items. The sales department of the organization receives the order and further the supply chain process comes into play in order to deliver the product to the customer in the consumable condition. (Stephenson, 2014)

Planning: After the order is received by the customer the next step in the supply chain management process is to start the planning. Planning process includes making decisions like purchase of raw material, time consumption in manufacturing and delivering of the product as committed. Planning regarding these steps are of utmost priority for the organisation.

Purchase: Once the planning for purchase of raw material is done a decision is made in order to procure it on time. The list is forwarded to the purchase department in order to make purchases according to the requirement. Purchase department then contacts the various suppliers and makes a purchase from the supplier who is offering the best deal in the market. (Zuckerman, 2002)

Inventory: A quality and accuracy check is a must, once the raw material is procured from the suppliers and is further sent to the company’s warehouse after the checking process. A proper list is prepared before and after the issuance of the raw material, so that a proper record is maintained and there occurs no clash while clearing the payments. (Sarkis, 2006)

Production: Once all the material required is received and inventory department gives a clearance, the most important process starts which is the production of the product ordered by the client. The production depends on the customer’s specifications. Some clients want a customized product whereas some of them just want the product in bulk. Thus the product may be produced in a batch or individually. Once the product is prepared the production departments sends the product to the transportation department to ship it further to the client.     

Transportation: After the department receives the final product it decides upon the method of shipping it. It could be shipped through sea route, roads or by air; depends upon the nature of the product. Along with the product an invoice is also sent which bears the list of items, the amount and the address.

Supply Chain Risks: As easy as it may sound the supply chain management process is not that easy. It involves various risks which may start at the first step such as the supplier may provide low quality raw material, or they may fail to deliver on time which leads to delay in product production. Other risks may be logistics delays, poor communication, external risks related to political conditions in the region, natural disasters or economic condition in the particular region. These risks may lead to huge losses to the organisation, moreover impacting its goodwill. (Joshi & Rathore, 2013)

7. New Location for the warehouse or service center of the firm through the Center of Gravity method

Center of gravity helps in locating new place thus resulting in productivity increase. By this method the company can locate the regions close to the distributer. Less distance will add a benefit to the company.  This method helps in reducing transportation thus reduces cost. This method used by companies for finding new facility resulting in minimizing the cost. Input in this approach is volume of service provided by organization (Wu & Pagell, 2011). Location is one time investment for the company (Stephenson, 2014). Once invested the decision can’t be reversed. Cost pattern is also decided on this factor. This has a direct impact on the sales of the company. Distance from raw material affects the decision making for the plant. This method is studied as it helps the companies so that best methods and low cost for delivery could be decided. Fast delivery results in customer satisfaction and affects their preference.

8. Application of Mass customization to the product

The term mass customization is the manufacturing of unique products on a large scale. This technique helps to serve various requirements of the customer. The challenges are easily overcome by the company, these challenges are mainly related to delivery. This technique helps to identify the needs of the customer and helps in production of goods as per customers’ requirement and demand. Due to its quick solution to product delivery this process is also known as postponement tactic thus results in attracting large customer (Joshi & Rathore, 2013).

9. Conclusion and Recommendations

The study conducted concluded that Hershey is a famous chocolate and food brand which is known world wide. It has a great market share as it has introduced a many features of food and chocolates in the market. In comparison to it competitor M&M Hershey has a large market cover and share and they offer wide range of products to its customers. The report is detailed analysis of the company with regards to it competitor companies, their products and strategies. A deep comparative analysis is conducted through this report. The polar chart gives the detailed description of the products and the comparison with various companies. It also explain the supply chain system and the risks associated with them. A detailed description is also give to make the company customer centric or customer oriented. The various strategies studied gives the insight to improve the products and services of the company. The cost cutting or cos saving methods are also discussed. Not only are this companies productivity improvement methods also suggested. Report also suggests various techniques to improve customer services and various techniques to improve dispatch facility. The market survey reflects that the company hold as good reputation in the market and this reflects ion the revenue generation. Finding the location near to warehouse also add a bonus. As location is one time investment the company has to analysis process and then conclude. All these points affect the  organisational growth.


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Supply Chain Management of Hershey’s Chocolate World by Subject Academy

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Sustainability In Food Production


In the twenty-first century, the integration of sustainability with business models is a running trend and most of the multinational organisations are exploiting this idea in order to get a superior position in the competitive market. It has been evaluated that the sustainable approach of tread has been imparting multidimensional beneficial impact, not only over the growth of the business but also the growth of the community and the planet as well. The purpose of this study is to identify the utilisation of sustainable approach in the context of food production in Australia. George Weston Food (GWF) has been selected to conduct this study to explore the practice of SUSTAINABILITY IN FOOD PRODUCTION.

The thesis statement of this study is that GWF is practising Sustainable food production approach and has created a positive impact over the economic, social and environmental aspects of the operating market and the company.



Background of the study and company

In the previous section, it has already been mentioned that sustainability is one of such ideas which provides multilayered beneficial influence over the growth of trade and commerce and also in the community and environmental level. Further, as per the idea of Crist, Mora & Engelman (2017), sustainability always creates scope for the economic development of a business unit. Likewise, this idea is quite applicable for the trade model of GWF as they have successfully integrated sustainable ideas to run their commercial activity at the cross-border level. As per the official report, GWF has expanded its business up to 46 nations around the globe, among which the trade in Australia and the UK is notable (gwf.com, 2019). This information is quite pertinent in delineating the scoped scenario of the organisation. Moreover, the organisation has got its popularity by being under the ownership of British Food PLC.

The support of business associates is another important factor which has promoted GWF in the implementation of its sustainable ideas. As per the viewpoint of Rahimifard et al. (2017), the support of the stakeholders like investors, employees and suppliers is highly crucial to run a sustainable business. As per the official reports, GWF has a strong and supportive workforce at the international level with the strength of 1, 00,000 individuals (gwf.com, 2019). Hence, from this point, it can be analysed that the organisation has got the support of its HR, one of the major stakeholders to implement sustainability. Moreover, the supportive and reliable suppliers of the company have also helped the firm to proceed to the path of success.

Sustainability- Idea definition and application

The concept and discussion regarding sustainability is needed to be stated as it is the backbone of this study. As per the statement of Vieira et al. (2018), the idea of the development of community, trade and economy of a specific location with the conservation of the natural resources is expressed by the term Sustainability. Hence, from this point, it can be analysed that minimal wastage of natural resources and the minimisation of burden over the biosphere in the context of the development of the business sector is the major intention of Sustainable growth. As per Lawrence et al. (2019), sustainable growth in the industrial sector always prefers the acceleration of the economic growth of the same by means of the development of society and environment. The same thing has been identified for GWF.

Sustainable food production in George Weston Food

Sustainable food production is the method of the production of the food where the process and the systems that are used are none polluting. The process used renewable energy that is conserved and natural resources that are used are economically efficient (Dwivedi et al. 2017). This process is safe and for the workers and for the community and it is also abided by the needs of the future generation.

Maintenance of the sustainability by George Weston Food (GWF)

The company has also maintained this sustainability in their food production because they include the environmental targets as their part of the management in their business. At the end of 2013 GWF’s water consumption was lowered down to 12 % which was the baseline compared to the other companies (gwf.com, 2020). The GWF has set the goal of the reduction in their water consumption by 20% in per ton of their goods by 2020. GWF has taken the initiative of water recirculation and the cleaning practices by rainwater along with rainwater harvesting. GWF BY 2015 has decided to supply palm oil which has been certified sustainability and the RSPO trading scheme.

Environment Application

The steps of reducing the emission of the greenhouse gas by their production have been taken by various operations and by monitoring the performance. The company was able to achieve a depreciation of 18.9 % in the emission of greenhouse gas (gwf.com, 2020).

Supply chain management

The GWF has audited some programs which have been certified as the vendor assurance program where the suppliers are taught about the relevant regulatory and about the industries the maintenance of the consumer standard. The GWF has been able to achieve the responsibility chain by maintaining safe transportation and warehouse traffic management. The suppliers related to the company have to agree with the company’s responsible sourcing code of conduct for the maintenance of sustainability. GWF has captured the expectation of maintaining the labor standards ethically and to prevent bribery along with that the corruption related to the sourcing of the ingredients and materials. The suppliers of the animal products must be abided by local animal welfare law and also demonstrate the certification, regulation, standards and the traceability of their published standards.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) of GWF for sustainability maintenance

The social responsibilities taken by GWF are to give employment to more than 6000 people across the 58 sites of Australia where the company is located (gwf.com, 2020). GWF is responsible for the maintenance of quality, with robust supply chain, with supporting communities along with performing the environmental targets.

Benefits of the process in economic development

In the previous section, it has been identified that GWF has been using natural ingredients for its food production and has created trustable relationships with the local suppliers to keep the uninterrupted flow of natural resources as the raw material of its food production system. This is the main factor which has invoked economic development to the organisation. As per the official report, GWF has effectively enhanced its revenue, from 2,122 million dollars to 2,243 million dollars in the year 2018 (weston.ca, 2018). From this angle it can be analysed that sustainability has its impact over the economic upliftment of an organisation in both national and international level and GWF is the most relevant example to establish this idea.

The sustainability approach has also helped the organisation to minimise its production cost and the aspect of capital investment has helped to identify this. As per the data of the annual report, the capital investment of GWF has decreased from 241 million dollars to 215 million dollars and lastly to 212 million dollars for 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively (weston.ca, 2018). Henceforth it can be analysed that, the organisation is enhancing its revenue figure with the decrease of its capital investment. This is one of the most profitable strategies which have been formulated with the help of sustainability (Tait et al. 2016). Moreover, as per the sustainability report of the GWF, the company has been using the standards of the waste hierarchy which includes recovery, recycle and reuse (gwf, 2016). This has also provided economic growth to the company.

Impact of sustainable food production in environmental conservation

Environmental sustainability can be seen as the most important concern that the world is facing at present. As per the ideas of Dwivedi et al. (2017), global warming and climate change have taken the world by storm. Food production has a significant impact on the immediate environment and has been accredited with multiple negative impacts associated with this. Food production is responsible for eutrophication, acid rain and the depletion of biodiversity as well. This, in turn, contributes largely to the phenomenon of climate change. However, as per the ideas of Pickett et al. (2019), the major impact of food production is on the use of resources such as land and water, which is an essential aspect. Eliminating such negative implications can be facilitated using sustainable food production techniques.

The use of sustainable food production techniques has evolved over the years. However, as per Govindan (2018), a rise in the global population has led to an increase in the need for food production. As a consequence, all organizations associated with the production of food, have undertaken modern farming techniques, which has taken a considerable toll on the overall environment. Nevertheless, farming techniques have evolved over the years, which have led to a minimization in the use of chemical fertilizers. Instead, the practice has shifted towards the use of organic fertilizers, which has helped in conserving the quality and nutritional value of the land (Stevens et al. 2018). Moreover, it has also helped in reducing the levels of eutrophication caused as a result of fertilizer runoff. The use of resources has also been limited by making use of several modern techniques.

Impact of GWF’s measures in environmental sustainability

The organisation is making use of IoT in farming and techniques like drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. As per the ideas of Thyberg & Tonjes (2016), the modern irrigation techniques help in ensuring the conservation of water and at the main time reduces groundwater pollution. Furthermore, the organization makes use of organic fertilizers as well, which has helped it to enhance productivity and contain impacts on the environment considerably.

Impact over social development

Overall impact on social development

Sustainable food production is a very essential aspect as per the reports of the UN. In 2017, UN reports claim that one out of nine people across the world remains hungry for more than a day and one of three suffers from malnutrition (tiptop-foodservice.com, 2020). Given this scenario, there is a need to leverage food production, without any adverse impact on the environment and the natural resources. Therefore, sustainable food production is an essential aspect that is required to be ensured. Moreover, as per Ueasangkomsate & Santiteerakul (2016), sustainable food production also helps in ensuring lower pollution rates and preserves the nutritional value of the food products. This can largely help in ensuring healthy eating habits. This is of high social importance, as the spread of major diseases has become a common phenomenon across the world.

Use of sustainable food production has also helped in reducing the use of major non-renewable forms of resources, which can be utilized to meet the needs of the growing population. Apart from that, as Fontana et al. (2018) points out, conservation of water has become an essential need, as there is an acute scarcity of freshwater for drinking across many countries in the world. This can largely help the people of these countries to meet their water requirements and will also inhibit the growth and spread of waterborne diseases largely. Thus, sustainable food production has major social consequences, apart from the economic and environmental impacts.

Impact of GWFs activities on social development

GWF has put the best foot forward in the aspect of water conservation, as it has been able to cut down water conservation by 12% since 2013 (tiptop-foodservice.com, 2020). Moreover, the organization has set a target of reduction by 20% by the year 2020 (tiptop-foodservice.com, 2020). It also undertakes water recirculation and rainwater harvesting practices in this direction. Apart from these, GWF also undertakes energy efficiency practices and greenhouse gas elimination practices. The organization has been able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 18.9% (tiptop-foodservice.com, 2020). All these efforts have helped the organization in ensuring greater social and environmental sustainability simultaneously.


Food production is a very important aspect that is required to be taken into consideration from the point of view of sustainability. Greater sustainability in food production is reported to have a wide range of economic, environmental and social implications. Taking a sustainable approach in food production not only allows greater productivity but also ensures a higher amount of nutritional value of the overall production. Moreover, it allows the reduction of the environmental impacts associated with the practice of food production. GWF has been able to meet all these criteria with their practices. Thus, GWF is practising Sustainable food production approach and has created a positive impact over the economic, social and environmental aspects of the operating market and the company.

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Engaging biology research paper topics for students- 2020.

Biology research paper topic: As students, we all agree that writing a biology research paper is not a child’s play. Doing in-depth research, backing every statement with proper facts and then curating a clear and well-organized paper is not as easy as it sounds. Albeit, you can get assignment help in Australia with a click of a button. But still, you need to find an interesting and fascinating topic. Not to mention, Fortunately, Finding an engaging biology research paper topic is half the battle of writing a fascinating research paper.

For that reason, I have done the donkey work of compiling an organized list of interesting topics. Moreover, topics are organized in different categories. Then, what should be your next step? All in all, Explore different categories, Find relevant information on them and find the most suitable and interesting topic from the list. After that? after choosing the right topic, you just need to message us your topic and our writers will start writing a research paper for you. Given these points, Let’s begin the holy deed.

Genetics research paper topics

To point out, your biology research paper topic should always be interesting enough to find fascinating information on it. I mean, If the topic is not interesting to you, then how in the world will you research about it? right? Not to mention, What is more, interesting then genetics? Probably nothing! At least to me, it’s one of the best categories to find amusing information on. For that reason, I have put together a list of some Fascinating genetics research paper topics. On the whole, I hope you find something in the list to ace the research paper game.

  • What role does genetics play in homosexuality?
  • Is there any link between genetics and depression.
  • Genetic analysis of cloning and how can it be utilized in the future.
  • Recent advances in mutagenesis.
  • The principles of gene editing. 
  • Recent advances in gene editing.

Environmental biology research paper topics.

As a matter of fact, Our environment is diverse enough to give us a diverse list of interesting environmental research paper topics. *wink*-*wink*. In the final analysis, Do rains, oceans, lava, rocks, and mushrooms fascinate you? Does global warming, air pollution, trash in the oceans concerns you? If yes! then you should definitely choose this category for your biology research paper topic. let’s dig into some of the best environmental biology topics to write a paper on.

  • Paleoecology
  • Why national parks are important?
  • Why does humanity try to prevent the extinction of endangered species?
  • Is it possible to reinforce the ozone layer?
  • Why tropical forests are important for our environment?
  • Chernobyl and Fukushima Disasters.
  • What will happen to ecosystems in 10,000 years?
  • How do people manage to survive in extreme climatic conditions?
  • Enumerate the impact of the ice age on climate.
  • What is Gulfstream?

Biotechnology Research paper topics.

Markedly, Writing and reading a biology research paper should not be boring. To put it another way, It should feel like you are writing or reading a story. Moreover, A good research paper should be able to convey the intended message to the right audience without making them sleepy. To point out, Biotechnology with its big buzz words can never make anybody sleepy. Choose any topic from the list and I can promise you that your Biology research paper will not be boring or as a matter of fact, boring.

Principles of Pharmacogenomics.

What are Drug Transporters?

What is DNA isolation? Nanotechnology methods for DNA isolation.

Ancestry study of admixed communities in southern Africa.

The relation between nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Recent advances in biotechnology. Future of biotechnology.

How Biotechnology is impacting humanity.

Identification of biomarkers associated with ovarian cancer.

Biotechnology based therapeutic approaches to treat HIV.

Cell biology research paper topics

Another huge part of research paper topics deals with cell biology. When you enter the realm of cell biology, you will get zillions of topics to choose from. For that reason, I am compiling a list from where you can choose the right topic for yourself.

Cell biology of Denitrification.

Recent advances in cell biology.

Viruses of plants, humans, and animals.

Anaerobic Glycolysis and oxidative Phosphorylation.

Principles of cell structure.

Endocytosis and exocytosis.

Biopolymers synthesis and Transfer system.

Principles of DNA structure and DNA packaging.

Proteins. Histone and nonhistone proteins.

The system of Genetic information storage, Reproduction, and transmission.

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